What Will My Child Think of Me If I Choose Adoption?

When a mom is facing an unplanned pregnancy in Florida and considering her options, many questions and concerns may arise.  One of the most common fears when considering adoption, is that their child will think less of them or think that they were not loved because they were placed for adoption. On the contrary, adoption is a beautiful and loving choice that a parent makes for their child, and adopted children are raised to understand that adoption is a choice made out of great love.

From the moment we begin working with you, we put our very best effort into matching you with the right adoptive family for your child. These waiting families are what we consider “home study ready.” This means that they have paid for and gone through a rigorous home study process, ensuring that the placement would be safe and stable and the home and family are places where a child will grow and thrive.

As part of the matching process, we ask questions about your medical and social history, as well as that of the birth father, so that we can present you with adoptive families equipped with the ability to meet the needs of your child.  We also ask you about your preferences and desires for a family. You are able to be as much of a part of selecting the family as you’d like, which can include meeting them, developing, and maintaining a relationship with the family and your child after birth and placement.

When people talk about adoption they often say that they’re “giving baby up for adoption.” That couldn’t be further from the case. They’re not giving up.  Instead, making an adoption plan is a beautiful, loving choice in which you carefully plan for your child’s future. Your child will grow to understand that your adoption plan was a decision made with a great love for them. You also have the opportunity to write your child a letter, that they can read when they are older, so they can understand why they were placed for adoption.

Most adoptions today are somewhat open, meaning that the birth mother has some relationship with the adoptive family.  An estimated 90% of those children see their adoption experience as positive.  Research has shown that adopted children are more likely to be read and sung to and told stories every night. The majority of adopted children lead full and happy lives with their adoptive families. One of the best parts of working in adoption, is being able to watch these children grow up and know they are doing well and grateful for their birth parents’ loving choice to place them for adoption. Birth parents are not forgotten, they are loved and respected.

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