Meet Two Of The First Gay Dads To Foster-To-Adopt In Florida

In this installment of the Huffington Post Gay Voices RaiseAChild.US “Let Love Define Family™” series, contributing writer David Humiston is inspired by two foster and adoptive dads in Tallahassee, Florida, and shares their story. Inspiration is a living thing. In the act of making ordinary people do extraordinary things, it gets passed on. Those inspired become those that inspire and, in this way, one candle is used to light another. Couples like Daniel Nurse and his husband, Casanova, a thirtysomething couple from Tallahassee, Florida, are inspiring. Together since 2006 and married on Valentine’s Day of this year, Danny has taken on the Florida House Judiciary Committee (testimony against anti-gay adoption, i.e., Bill 7111), biased caseworkers and even an attorney who initially (and ille...[+]

How Adoption Helped Me Learn the True Meaning of Courage

It’s 3:24 a.m., and she’s crying. Loud. I roll out of bed and push my frazzled hair out of my face. Using a flashlight from my iPhone, I dodge dozens of toys and stuffed Elmos sprawled on the floor. We’ve got to get rid of some of these, I think to myself for the millionth time. I shuffle into the kitchen, shake up a bottle and tiptoe quietly into her room. “Shhhhhhh…It’s okay, baby girl. Momma’s here,” I tell my 5-month old who’s impatiently screaming for something to eat. I reach into her crib and gently pick her up, praying her big sis stays asleep. Her head nestles under my neck as she catches her breath and calms down. Groggy, I take a deep breath, sigh and close my eyes. God, I’m exhausted. I’m worn. Give me the courage to face this day so early in the morning . . . And then it happe...[+]