Our Adoption Journey

We were so grateful to find Marilu and Madonna and be able to work with them through our adoption process. They were an invaluable resource for us as we navigated this new territory, and it was clear they had respect for our family as well as incredible respect and love for the birth parents they worked with. Once we were matched with an expectant mother, they continued to help answer questions and take care of both of us, and they were responsive and available at a moment's notice when we had questions. Our daughter had some unexpected medical needs, and their compassion and care was so appreciated in those difficult days. Our baby is now thriving and we are so grateful for Madonna and Marilu's role in bringing her to us and caring for her birth mom.  - Adoptive Parents Ken and Rachael  ...[+]

Blessed By Adoption

A little over 2 years ago, I talked to Marilu for the first time and since that day, I have never forgotten the comfort and calm I found in her sweet voice. I think of her often and the way God uses her to spread His love. Marilu has a heart made of gold. She was instrumental in guiding us to our blessing of our amazing little boy. We feel forever indebted to her and the work that the Law Office Of Madonna Finney does. We are extremely thankful for them and all that they give to others. God has a special place set aside for them. Our son is 2 years old now and just the most amazing little guy you ever did meet. We cannot imagine life without him. His 3 sisters are still smitten. We are so thankful for Marilu and Madonna! - Adoptive mom, Anna ...[+]

My adoption questions were answered

There are so many unknowns in adoption and I can’t tell you how grateful I was to have Madonna, Marilu and their staff by my side throughout the process. My questions were answered, my phone calls/emails returned in a timely manner and I could tell the staff truly cared about our birth mom, the baby and us. I cannot speak highly enough of this firm. We will be forever grateful to them for helping to bring our daughter home! - Adoptive mom, Lindsay


Thank you Law Office of Madonna Finney

"It's hard for me to imagine an office with bigger hearts than what Marilu and Madonna have. Not only do they work with professional excellence, they pour out their hearts in love for the expectant moms and adoptive families they work with. I will never forget the first time I heard Marilu talk about our son's birth mom; it was clear to me through her kind and respectful words, that Marilu believes that birth moms are brave, selfless, and loving women. I had specifically prayed throughout our adoption process that God would bring the mom we would connect with to an office that would truly love her, support her, and encourage her. And I have no doubt that Madonna's office goes above and beyond to do that with each and every expectant mom they talk with. We can never thank the Law Office of ...[+]

Looking for Independent Adoption Center (IAC)?

Are you looking for Independent Adoption Center (IAC) or where you already work with them to put your baby up for adoption?  Do you have questions?  Do you not know where to turn? We can help you!  We are happy to speak with you and answer your questions.  We are an adoption law firm, with Board Certified Legal Staff and Social Workers dedicated to adoption.  Independent Adoption Center (IAC) closed their doors with no notice and filed for bankruptcy last week.  Are you one of the expectant mother or birth mothers working with IAC toward an adoption plan?  Or had you just contacted them to start the adoption process? The recent announcement by the Independent Adoption Center (IAC) of the permanent closing of IAC’s offices and programs throughout the United States and their filing bankruptc...[+]

Are you pregnant and considering adoption?

We are a small law firm of all women working in Florida offering adoption services with care, concern and a personal touch. Madonna and Marilu have worked together over 20 years assisting women making adoption plans. Madonna is a Board Certified Adoption Lawyer and Marilu is an Adoption Social Worker. We are available to speak with you, free of charge, and provide information concerning placing a child for adoption. You may call us anytime, toll-free at (888) 883-6830 or at (850) 577-3077. Ask for Marilu or Madonna. Our telephones are answered 24 hours a day. After hours, our answering service will assist in connecting you with us. Please remain on the line.  Our web site is www.madonnafinney.com.   We will try to give you the information you need to assist you in making the decisions that...[+]

Our Courageous Birth Mothers

Today on the last day of May, the month we celebrate moms of all kinds, I want to close this month out by sharing just a bit more about amazing women who choose adoption for their children. In the last couple of weeks, I have had the privilege to be a part of two very courageous birth moms choice to place their children with loving adoptive families.  I had a chance to speak to one of these ladies the other day after she left the hospital.  One of the things she said was that she happened to look at the adoptive father as she was being wheeled out for her c section, and she was taken aback by the tears streaming down his face.  She said she wondered why he was crying. I, of course being an adoptive parent myself, instantly knew why!  The better question would be why wouldn't he be crying!?...[+]

Birth Mother's Day... From our Adoption Coordinator, Marilu

When I think of Birth Mother's Day coming up on May 13, the day before Mother's day, the word "Hero" comes to mind.  It's appropriate for myself, as an adoptive parent, that Birth Mother's Day should come before Mother's Day. You see, had someone not made the choice to give me the privilege to parent my precious daughters, I would never had enjoyed celebrating a Mother's Day at all.  I found various definitions for the word "Hero" in the dictionary and I found three words that mostly describe how I think of any birth mother that chooses to place her child for adoption.    The words that stood out to me are Brave, Strong and Courageous.  After many years of working along side birth mothers through their adoption journey, I have to say that I have found that those words apply not only to my...[+]

How Do I tell my children that I am parenting that I am placing the baby I am pregnant with for adoption?

Many birth moms ask how they should explain to their other children that the baby they are pregnant with is being placed for adoption? Our Adoption Coordinator, Marilu, has answered this question.  Birth Moms explaining adoption to their older children by Marilu, Adoption Coordinator at the Law Firm of Madonna M. Finney It can be difficult for a birth mother to answer that question. I recommend being as truthful as possible while keeping your response age appropriate. I believe children are looking for simple answers and the reassurance that you, as their mother, are okay with this plan and that nothing in their world will change.  In so many of the adoptions we see, the adoptive parents and birth parents come to agree on a significant degree of openness after placement. Some birth moms ha...[+]

Why work with us?

Why work with us?   The Law Office of Madonna Finney is a small law firm, specializing in adoption, and offering adoption services with care, concern and professionalism.  Adoption law is all that we do and we've been handling adoptions in Florida since 1995. Ms. Finney is one of a few Board Certified Adoption Attorneys in Florida. We've been handling adoptions in Florida since 1995. We will ensure you receive the help you and your baby need, which may include housing, food, toiletries, clothing, cell phone, transportation, medical care and counseling. We work with women all over Florida including Pensacola, Milton, Crestview, Niceville, Ft. Walton Beach, DeFuniak Springs, Pt. St. Joe, Apalachicola, Carrabelle, Madison, Perry, Lake City, Gainesville and Ocala. ...[+]